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Yes, we could give you all kinds of fancy language from the legal department.
But we won’t.

EZ Street stands out as a performance-proven asphalt solution, consistently delivering exceptional results across a variety of applications. This cutting-edge Ambient™ Asphalt Technology has been meticulously tested and validated in real-world conditions, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness. Whether addressing routine maintenance or tackling more challenging repairs, professionals, and DOTs alike trust EZ Street for its unmatched durability, ease of use, and long-lasting outcomes. It’s not just asphalt; it’s a testament to innovation and quality in roadway repair and maintenance.

Miami Patch
since 1998

In the early morning hours of April 24, 1998, Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWS), the third largest water and sewer district in the United States, responded to a major water main break on SW 211th Street that spanned all three east bound lanes.

After a decision was made to use EZ Street, the crews executed a lay down plan that involved installing EZ Street in two, one and a half inch to 2-inch lifts by blading the mix with a motor grader and compacting each layer with a large steel wheel roller. One and a half lanes were closed off for working and allowed traffic to continue on this busy thoroughfare. Upon completion of the 1.5 lanes, the other 1.5 lanes were finished.

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